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This is my website of my collection of elongated coins. Unfortunately, few texts are translated into English. I keep working on it ...
My 10 latest motifs:
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If you are looking for a specific coin motif for your collection, then please watch my swap list. If you are interested in an exchange, feel free to contact me by email (see contact).
The history of Elongated Coins:
If you want to know more about the history of elongates coins, especially in Germany, and the question of weather it's legal to deface a coin or not, please visit the website of "incrediblemc":

incrediblemc's Elongated Coin Standortverzeichnis
Quick Stats:
Currently my collection consists of:

  • 752 different motifs from around the world on 750 coins:
    • 595 different motifs from Germany on 593 coins,
      including 10 special motifs
    • 157 different motifs from 15 other countries on 157 coins
  • 187 different locations of machines around the world, including:
    • 156 locations in Germany
    • 21 former locations (worldwide)
    • 16 electric machines (worldwide)
  • For detailed statistics of my collection see the appropriate menu item on the right.
    Many thanks to ...
    ... all who have supported me so far in collecting:

    Katrin, Mandy, Dulli, Christiane, Anja, Roland, Uwe, Enrico, Klaus, Nadine & Jens, Kai, Kristian, Heidi & Uwe, Brigitte, Doreen & Otto, Jessi, Susi, Jenny, Heidrun, Sophie, Wiebke, Janine sowie natuerlich alle, die ich hier vergessen hab :-)
    Additional information:
    Many more information about coin motifs and machine locations are available in the "1. Deutsches Forum für Souvenir Prägungen / Medaillen":
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